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Fragile Items Policy

Fragile items are not eligible for coverage. Our Insurance Policy covers damages at $0.60 CAD per pound, up to $100 CAD per item, and $500 CAD in total. Storagehotel has no liability for any damage or derangement to Fragile Items.

Certain items require extra preparation, care, and handling during transportation and storage, and are easily susceptible to damage due to their fragile nature. We have policies that govern our transport and storage of items that could reasonably be called "fragile" ("Fragile Items"). We have set guidelines below for what constitutes a Fragile Item, but the guidelines below are not a complete list of all Fragile Items. These policies affect your ability to store certain items with us, and our liability for damages to Fragile Items.

Please avoid storing Fragile Items with Storagehotel. If you choose to store Fragile Items, please pack your items carefully so that they're not damaged during transportation or in storage. We recommend strategically padding your items and the inside of boxes and bins with packing materials such as bubble wrap, foam padding, and packing paper. Any empty space within boxes and bins should be filled, to prevent items from moving around during transport. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any Item that appears insufficiently sturdy or too poorly packed for transit or storage.

  • Fragile Household Items. Many common household items are Fragile Items. It should be quite obvious what items are considered fragile, but for the avoidance of any doubt, common fragile items include, without limitation, all glassware, dishes, ceramics, pottery, ornaments, artwork, mirrors, collectables, antiques, and crystal.
  • Electronics. We consider all electronics to be Fragile Items, including without limitation TVs, computers, tablets, phones, printers, hard drives, audio/visual equipment, and stereos. If you must store electronics, we suggest packing them in their original retail/manufacturer's packaging, which typically incorporates foam padding as protective material designed to fit perfectly within the original box to limit shocks and vibrations.
  • Items Susceptible To Internal Derangement. We are not liable for internal derangement. In addition to electronics, the internal workings of musical instruments, appliances, and mechanical devices are also fragile. Since we are not able to certify the condition and internal functionality of electronics, musical instruments, appliances, or mechanical devices before we store them, we are not liable for any mechanical or electrical derangement, defect, or internal damage that may occur.
  • Furniture That Incorporates Glass. Furniture that incorporates glass (e.g. in a tabletop or anywhere else) must be disassembled, and any glass pieces must be adequately wrapped and protected for transportation and storage. Storagehotel reserves the right to refuse to store any glass items that are not adequately prepared for transportation and storage.
  • Particleboard (e.g. IKEA furniture). Particleboard is made from small particles of wood, such as sawdust and wood chips, which are glued and pressed together to form a sheet. Particleboard is weaker than other furniture materials, such as plywood or solid wood. Items made from particleboard are unable to packed securely for commercial transport unless completely disassembled and repackaged. For these reasons we consider all particleboard items Fragile Items. In addition, many particleboard items are covered by a wood veneer, and we may not be able to identify all particleboard furniture as such.
  • Fragile Materials. Some materials possess an inherent vice that causes them to corrode or degrade over time, or makes them susceptible to damage from atmospheric changes in temperature and humidity. Items containing these materials are considered Fragile Items. We disclaim all liability for damage arising from the inherent vice of materials and from changes in temperature and humidity, including without limitation the growth of mold and mildew.


Fragile Items Waiver

The Fragile Items Policy above applies whether or not you or a Storagehotel employee identifies an item as fragile when it is being picked up.

For the purpose of clear communications and setting the right expectations, we may only store certain Fragile Items after you explicitly agree to waive all of Storagehotel's liability for potential damages by signing a specific waiver. You must agree to this waiver, understanding that in the event of damage to the item while in the care of Storagehotel, you will not be entitled to any compensation through our claims process.

If Storagehotel chooses to store any Fragile Items without first requiring a signed waiver, the items are still Fragile Items, with the same limits to liability that are outlined above.

Valuable Items Policy

Valuable Documents
While not prohibited, we strongly advise that you should not store any "Valuable Documents", including any currency, bonds, deeds, stock certificates, IOUs, securities, or stamps; any official personal documents (such as passports, driver's licenses, green cards, visas, birth or marriage certificates, etc.) or anything that contains personally identifiable information, such as date of birth, social security number, mortgage number, or a bank account number. This is not an exclusive list of Valuable Documents or personally identifiable information. Basically, do not store anything that contains information that can be used to steal someone's identity or a document that you may urgently need at a moment's notice. By executing this Agreement, you understand and agree that if you go ahead and store Valuable Documents, to the fullest extent permitted by law, you waive all rights and claims against Storagehotel arising in any way from storing these things with Your Property.

Items of Exceptional Value
The storage of "Items of Exceptional Value" is not recommended. Any item that has a replacement value greater than $100 CAD, or cannot be replaced at all, is considered an Item of Exceptional Value. Examples of such items include without limitation fine art, antique furniture, autographed or special-edition books or memorabilia, jewelry, furs, fine musical instruments, digital files, sentimental items, historical artifacts, and all unique or rare items that cannot be replaced or whose value substantially exceeds the cost of a similar new item.

Digital Files
We strongly recommend that you make and retain copies of any digital files before storing them in Storagehotel on hard drives, flash drives, memory sticks, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, or any other digital storage media. Storagehotel is not responsible for the loss or corruption of digital files under any circumstances.